Live momentarily.

How many of us helped their Grandparents to clean up that treasured set of china. Always so carefully placed back on the shelve once it’s clean and.. left unused for so many years? Questions leave unspoken and the answers would make no sense.

There’s at least one piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe that still has a tag on, waiting, for that one special moment to be taken out and shown to the World. As if we know when that time will come: to shine, to smile, to prove the worth of waiting.

We keep saying those magical words “the perfect moment”.. and do we all know what it looks like? The artist may see it in his dreams, the drummer will find it on his solo practice and many more moments that will come and be so perfect and.. there will be noone to acknowledge that.

The things we miss in the present moment are here. Just need to concentrate and let your mind relax. Nothing is perfect and the truth is.. that your perfect moment has already come and gone and .. you haven’t even noticed it..

Live now.

A tale, a tale.. a story tale.

We are more than familiar with the storyline of “once upon a time..” and it all lasted in our memories till this day. It made a sense and allowed us to create characters image with surrounding colourful place in our minds. It was the story for our life till we started created our own.


While defining the story, don’t limit it too the books, it could be something that you overheard on a bus ride, while you were quietly reading your daily newspaper. A girl-chat, while waiting at the hairdressers reception? There’s always a story. A story to be heard, to be told and repeated, to be learned from and to be loved. It’s something that makes you laugh, think and share or just let your creative juices running.

Words, collaborated in wonderful togetherness with emotions and faces, that become something unique and worth listening.

Well, we all have a story to be told, a moment to share, a picture to connect to.

Don’t deny those old dusted books on your shelves. There are there for a reason, otherwise they would have been thrown away. Those are tales, fictions and romances that you can hold on to and share it. Something that would have never made sense before.

Just like now, you heard something today, but tomorrow there will be a new story. Never stop them. Let it come. There’s a whole new story to told everyday and by each us. Treasure them.


Looking for a better job or new leader?

Recently I was faced with a sudden job offer from a friend.┬áPay rise, new place, new colleagues, well known company: all those things were shining in my face through a slight foggy shock. Possibilities and all those “better to come” things suddenly made to face the fair. I became afraid of my own un thought of reasons or leaving my current position and finding a true value in my change.


The new job role would be the same, responsibilities too. Hours that I would have to work as well. Company comparison was out shined by the new offer, as being the best in their industry, but haven’t done enough research to see who would be our competitors. My new, future, manager failed me to impress me with her own charm and personality; all she was proud of was achievements and printed, framed certificates on a wall. There was no emotion in the room. Nerves of meeting your new boss became equal to zero as I failed to see her as my new leader, the person who would be proud of achievement, but will all the pride and joy knowing that this was done in teamwork, not just only her management skills.

Pictures of her kids on a wall showed smiles and happiness, but her emotionless voice and cold face made me feel unwelcome. Blocked. My own optimist suddenly looked like I am over excited about everything.

I realised that my own hard work won’t bring value to the this company, I need a team where we all could benefit from each others presence and communication. But every team needs a leader too. Being strickt is rule and leadership habit, but there must be emotions too, that’s what makes us human after all.

I decided to stay, because my relationship with my current team and manager wasn’t worth leaving just for a hundred pounds more. My current leader (manager) wasn’t outranked by interviewee and suddenly all those great options weren’t so important anymore.

Choices makes us confused and diluted?

Questions comes along to my mind everyday, facing reality and personal experiences, and this time its choices.

Having an option to choose one thing over the other makes us stop and consider. Realise, that quick decision making might not be the one you were really aiming for in a first place.

All those available options that could be and are places in our way gives less confidence and more confusion. Choosing from what’s available, but knowing that there is more options available suddenly puts chains on you.

For example going to a store and having craving for a chocolate. Confidence in knowing the right need and want, but what happens when you are faced with not one but 10, 20 different kind of chocolates : with flavour, nuts and berries? Do you go crazy and try them all or you consider and thing through your decision?

Are we weak and over influenced of the choices available to us. What makes us choose and not jump for a first possible and inconsiderate mind?