If tomorrow never comes..

Procrastination the world we all know and once reach by our ears suddenly makes us sour and aware how lack of protection we have.

But is it really, another layer of protected shield that we are missing on here?

Something is always happening in our mind. Dreams, plans, ideas.. All possible, all real and all achievable, but suddenly we stop. Like an idea is easy to be modified and dreams are real to achieve even after 10 years of silence. STOP! That’s not how it’s suppose to be! Stop looking at others and saying to yourself “oh.. one day”. NO! Tomorrow will be the same routine again, and after tomorrow if will be even worse. I am not here to push you up to your limits, but.. if tomorrow never comes, how would you think people would describe you? As a dreamer, great plan makes and strategies? Well, that could be applied to all of us, but how out taking one thing at the time and finally making it real!

Yes, some ideas we come up with are not easy to achieve in one go, but.. a feeling and a believe, the first step you you take to that achievement is worth more than a quick heart shake. Knowing that it’s in process will give a drive and passion to carry on.

As long as you believe in yourself – DO IT. And don’t ask for other approval. It’s you and your own project of self fulfilment we are talking about.

Tomorrow is there to give you an extension, not for another chance.

So, what are you going to be up to TODAY?

Planed mileage breakthrough.

Looking at your self in a mirror and blaming summer for a lost tan or seeing a pile of unread books, won’t help to ease and complete the tats that was meant to be taken step by step.

It is more than easy to come up with something new and truly possible to accomplish, but how difficult it becomes when you start to take those little steps to a big achievement.
Things we don’t understand scares us the most and it is all understandable that plans fail, motivation lacks and results don’t come. Ah, don’t come quick, but we never push out selves harder or hard to reach that final point.
Procrastination leads nowhere and that’s how we fail.
Don’t just see result at the end of the line. Plan and consider consequences of possible obstacles ahead. There’s always going to be one that you never considered.
Praise yourself and .. be one step ahead of your own IDEA!

Accounted strength.

If one look can leave a lifetime impression, how does a feeling suppose to be described in one word?

I just wrote a (15 pages long) letter to my dear friend and if you you ask what was all about, I simply smile and say that all I meant to say is “how I miss you”.

Words have power just like feelings – they flow within us, but once we start fully express ourselves – we sometimes.. fail! One word will never express true feeling that is imprinted in our memory – it takes much more than that.

If letters creates words, than words create power which we should always use when wanted to imply what’s truly kept in us.

Don’t leave your feelings unspoken.. and remember one word will never do enough.

Night’s secret.

It’s hard to say the day is over when you hear your office doors close behind and your next days plans will approach your mind again only when you step in your office building. No. Thoughts and suggestions follows you home up to your sleep time.
The approach to get rid off it is to trick your mind and get that most needed rest.
Why don’t you lie down and try to imagine this : a massive cover of silk sheets run under your back. A pillow is so soft and gentle to your hair that it looks like a gentle summer afternoon breeze keep it floating up in the air. Those light chill infused sheets tenderly drift on your arms and legs. Just like a so needed shade from that steaming sun that run over and made you exhausted.
Such a pleasing and cooling place to be in. No other noises to follow…

Try and if you fail. At least you’ll know my secret.


Past, like it never happened.

History. We all have one. Either it’s a building or your beloved neighbour. Roots and stories follow our name tag like yesterday’s unfinished tasks. Something that was never meant to happen or ideally planned and truly prepared.
At school we were taught of our ancestors, they thrill us, like a little flow or electricity. But here we are, an adult life reality and interest in history is gone.
We create our own. We thrill others with our expeditions. This all creates a new day, a new moment to be remembered, but.. it all fall apart and disappear once we are gone as well?
A memory of us will be just a another mark in everyday unknown.

Failure to learn.

They say a shoemaker wears the worts shoes and the dressmaker is dressed too simply to match his own talent.
We all teach others how to live and which mistakes to avoid, but do we actually learn enough from ourselves.
Looking in a mirror a totally different person faces you, that you believe in yourself to be. Teacher keeps a close eye in those who are not willing to learn and keeps discipline in place.
We lock our own mind to a limit. Teach other. But do we actually learn our mistake, never repeat it, but are willing to try again to succeed?

Don’t blame the rain.

One of those “rainy” days: alarm didn’t ring on time, the train came late, coffee machine at work is broken.
When one thing goes wrong, everything just seem to fall apart around as well.
It might be something small that upset us, but we the emotions it has evolved to are way too strong and wide as a the end of the coast. Immense. Truly is. One mistake make a big shift.

Stop blaming others, or things that had no connection at all. Spur of the moment said words will have no chance to taken back.
Don’t blame the rain, it’s not that one good day.