Live momentarily.

How many of us helped their Grandparents to clean up that treasured set of china. Always so carefully placed back on the shelve once it’s clean and.. left unused for so many years? Questions leave unspoken and the answers would make no sense.

There’s at least one piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe that still has a tag on, waiting, for that one special moment to be taken out and shown to the World. As if we know when that time will come: to shine, to smile, to prove the worth of waiting.

We keep saying those magical words “the perfect moment”.. and do we all know what it looks like? The artist may see it in his dreams, the drummer will find it on his solo practice and many more moments that will come and be so perfect and.. there will be noone to acknowledge that.

The things we miss in the present moment are here. Just need to concentrate and let your mind relax. Nothing is perfect and the truth is.. that your perfect moment has already come and gone and .. you haven’t even noticed it..

Live now.

Re-define Yourself.

Spring has bloomed and calendar pages fallen down to a new Earthy and best-ever feeling of the year – A New Beginning of All.

Thrilling ideas and great adventures await!

Time re-new old friendships and read that book you always “forget about”, time exercise and throw away that old pair of shoes. There are some things that we are more attached, that others, but let’s face the reality and understand that everything has a lifetime and some things will never work the way we plan.

If there was a plan A, don’t deny the plan B too. Not all projects reach their goal. More often unconsidered things take main stage of each step and .. we fail.

Never treble on your failures and unfinished business of what you’ve planed or took. Every step is new irreplaceable knowledge that we will carry on to the further days. As the day brings new beginning, it’s your time to re-determine yourself, your goals and steps you will take to gain that tiny drop of satisfaction and your own happiness.

If tomorrow never comes..

Procrastination the world we all know and once reach by our ears suddenly makes us sour and aware how lack of protection we have.

But is it really, another layer of protected shield that we are missing on here?

Something is always happening in our mind. Dreams, plans, ideas.. All possible, all real and all achievable, but suddenly we stop. Like an idea is easy to be modified and dreams are real to achieve even after 10 years of silence. STOP! That’s not how it’s suppose to be! Stop looking at others and saying to yourself “oh.. one day”. NO! Tomorrow will be the same routine again, and after tomorrow if will be even worse. I am not here to push you up to your limits, but.. if tomorrow never comes, how would you think people would describe you? As a dreamer, great plan makes and strategies? Well, that could be applied to all of us, but how out taking one thing at the time and finally making it real!

Yes, some ideas we come up with are not easy to achieve in one go, but.. a feeling and a believe, the first step you you take to that achievement is worth more than a quick heart shake. Knowing that it’s in process will give a drive and passion to carry on.

As long as you believe in yourself – DO IT. And don’t ask for other approval. It’s you and your own project of self fulfilment we are talking about.

Tomorrow is there to give you an extension, not for another chance.

So, what are you going to be up to TODAY?

Planed mileage breakthrough.

Looking at your self in a mirror and blaming summer for a lost tan or seeing a pile of unread books, won’t help to ease and complete the tats that was meant to be taken step by step.

It is more than easy to come up with something new and truly possible to accomplish, but how difficult it becomes when you start to take those little steps to a big achievement.
Things we don’t understand scares us the most and it is all understandable that plans fail, motivation lacks and results don’t come. Ah, don’t come quick, but we never push out selves harder or hard to reach that final point.
Procrastination leads nowhere and that’s how we fail.
Don’t just see result at the end of the line. Plan and consider consequences of possible obstacles ahead. There’s always going to be one that you never considered.
Praise yourself and .. be one step ahead of your own IDEA!

Failure to learn.

They say a shoemaker wears the worts shoes and the dressmaker is dressed too simply to match his own talent.
We all teach others how to live and which mistakes to avoid, but do we actually learn enough from ourselves.
Looking in a mirror a totally different person faces you, that you believe in yourself to be. Teacher keeps a close eye in those who are not willing to learn and keeps discipline in place.
We lock our own mind to a limit. Teach other. But do we actually learn our mistake, never repeat it, but are willing to try again to succeed?

Be. The. Only. One.

A title. Subtitle. A name or a surname. All those things before us. But no matter how many combinations you going to create, to each of us it will all match differently.
A mother. A brother. An auntie or just a colleague. None of these single words will show really who I am.
Look at me first. A girl. Shortsighted. Rides a scooter. Who is she?
Here we go – because once you want to know you’ll get to find out more than there is to show.
In love. Shortsighted. Passionate reader. Loves jogging. Scared of height.
Think. And don’t judge people. We are not just one word definition. We are all may more to be discovered.

To comment or to stay quiet.

A moment when you see something amazing and truly worth saying something (like a compliment) about, do we really allow ourselves to express this urge or just put out eye sight away, thinking it’s not wort it.
Kids stare and focus on what they really like, as this shows and approves interest and exploration. None of us are the same, as we are all united by one undeniable unity – we all humans, but we are all different.
Somehow, even after all those kinetic scientific and psychological discoveries and researches, adults temp to control and behave against their own natural feelings.
Loosen up a bit and smile for no reason or for a reason that others to you should know about. We inspire others and make them copy our expression.
Let the stranger see your happy face, compliment your colleague on her little achievement, that for you may seem like a silly everyday occasion. This builds a relationship as as well as let us learn. Learn for our own self and others.
Keeping positive attitude is on our own mind, but don’t even realise how simple it is to have this great feeling.
Simple things, a little change makes a big difference. Try and you’ll be surprised.