Wonder-ful Woman.

After a recent, gentle, but shaky reminder of how amazing we are from my best friend it made me want to go and hug every women out there! Tell them how wonderful and beautiful they are! Inspire them to be themselves and .. follow their dreams.

We might be an emotional wreck sometimes, but we are all so very unique. The one and only – that’s how we are all designed. And if simple things as stranger’s smile or your friends nod, agreeing with your craziest idea, is all we need – let’s do it! Let’s show the World our emotions through our creations and passion that is hold within.

Simple things matter. Explore your abilities! Be WONDERFUL!

A call for #love

Relationships. Some of them start like a fairy tale and last to a happily ever after moment, and some break as soon as they about to begin.

There’s an idea: first – learn how to be on your own; so you could be in a long lasting relationship. Just think about it. As moody as we get, we all need that time of our own. We do. So being with someone we are not going to prove us better to ourselves or others, whilst we don’t know our own crazy, lazy mind.

A princess, lost and with one shoe, is no princess you say, but one shoe is way better than nothing.Possibilities are endless and once we learn to live with ourselves we can prove to that someone special, that there is a time, space and commitment waiting there to be shared.

“I wanna be loved by you” or is it more “I just wanna love you”.

Don’t lie to yourself that you are ready, because you were told. You’ll know when it’s time.

Just, concentrate on yourself and be ready to challenge yourself more than others, where you will learn and built a barrier, self respect and defence to time’s limit.

love and be yourself

Patience pay off.

“Right now”, “I want it right now”!! The urge of reaching your seductive goal in short period of time is something we we can’t comply with.

But, patience, have that tiny little of patience and you’ll see how things can change in a short period of time. The need will slow down and the passion will ease away too. Suddenly a laugh and different ideas pops in your head. Maybe even a better suggestion.

A craving is something that we learned to fight with years of experience, so can’t we fight our own thoughts of “now!!”.

Can’t we? I think we all can.

Just like a month ago a bough a quite neglected Bonsai tree, that I found at the lower shelve of the flower stand. I expected nothing, even had a thought that I’ve waisted my money on “some dying tree”. But, patience as I said, paid off. My Bonsai Tree heeled and just as I was about to say “simple tree” it bloomed! It Bloomed with a beautiful tiny petals. Surprised and happy as I was, I know, that with a strong and iron coated patience everything will pay off. And you, better than I know that too.

Keep up, because it’s all worth it! 


patience pays off

Have a nice Day!

Creative You. Creative Me.

One good thing that Internet allows us to do is to keep an eye on your friends and acquaintances. See how well they are and what have been up to.
Suddenly, or just once in a while, you are caught in your own and personal judgement, because someone’s ideas look way better than you could ever produce!

How on Earth they are better than You?!

Please don’t hold the anger or pain, we all get this feeling.
The thing is – creativity is endless and we shouldn’t compete against each other.
Better, compliment someone’s good work and ask for tips. Ask what it how they got inspired. What made them do this.
Good words last longer than a silence, that brakes it all.
Being creative is not a one off chance-it’s something that we all own in us. The biggest issue is – how to get it out of there.
Stop hiding, show how creative your mind is!

Those words..

Those words that we never say. Always wait for the right time and moment to come. Something that was rehearsed and over repeated in our heads time and time again..
It’s time to let them go. Say it. Shout it. Write it down. There is no better time to come than today.
Another day will bring another hustle and today, today.. is the right day.

We should never miss out given chance, because regret of not taking it will follow longer than those few seconds or fear and relief.


Accounted strength.

If one look can leave a lifetime impression, how does a feeling suppose to be described in one word?

I just wrote a (15 pages long) letter to my dear friend and if you you ask what was all about, I simply smile and say that all I meant to say is “how I miss you”.

Words have power just like feelings – they flow within us, but once we start fully express ourselves – we sometimes.. fail! One word will never express true feeling that is imprinted in our memory – it takes much more than that.

If letters creates words, than words create power which we should always use when wanted to imply what’s truly kept in us.

Don’t leave your feelings unspoken.. and remember one word will never do enough.

Night’s secret.

It’s hard to say the day is over when you hear your office doors close behind and your next days plans will approach your mind again only when you step in your office building. No. Thoughts and suggestions follows you home up to your sleep time.
The approach to get rid off it is to trick your mind and get that most needed rest.
Why don’t you lie down and try to imagine this : a massive cover of silk sheets run under your back. A pillow is so soft and gentle to your hair that it looks like a gentle summer afternoon breeze keep it floating up in the air. Those light chill infused sheets tenderly drift on your arms and legs. Just like a so needed shade from that steaming sun that run over and made you exhausted.
Such a pleasing and cooling place to be in. No other noises to follow…

Try and if you fail. At least you’ll know my secret.