Live momentarily.

How many of us helped their Grandparents to clean up that treasured set of china. Always so carefully placed back on the shelve once it’s clean and.. left unused for so many years? Questions leave unspoken and the answers would make no sense.

There’s at least one piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe that still has a tag on, waiting, for that one special moment to be taken out and shown to the World. As if we know when that time will come: to shine, to smile, to prove the worth of waiting.

We keep saying those magical words “the perfect moment”.. and do we all know what it looks like? The artist may see it in his dreams, the drummer will find it on his solo practice and many more moments that will come and be so perfect and.. there will be noone to acknowledge that.

The things we miss in the present moment are here. Just need to concentrate and let your mind relax. Nothing is perfect and the truth is.. that your perfect moment has already come and gone and .. you haven’t even noticed it..

Live now.