A call for #love

Relationships. Some of them start like a fairy tale and last to a happily ever after moment, and some break as soon as they about to begin.

There’s an idea: first – learn how to be on your own; so you could be in a long lasting relationship. Just think about it. As moody as we get, we all need that time of our own. We do. So being with someone we are not going to prove us better to ourselves or others, whilst we don’t know our own crazy, lazy mind.

A princess, lost and with one shoe, is no princess you say, but one shoe is way better than nothing.Possibilities are endless and once we learn to live with ourselves we can prove to that someone special, that there is a time, space and commitment waiting there to be shared.

“I wanna be loved by you” or is it more “I just wanna love you”.

Don’t lie to yourself that you are ready, because you were told. You’ll know when it’s time.

Just, concentrate on yourself and be ready to challenge yourself more than others, where you will learn and built a barrier, self respect and defence to time’s limit.

love and be yourself


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