Patience pay off.

“Right now”, “I want it right now”!! The urge of reaching your seductive goal in short period of time is something we we can’t comply with.

But, patience, have that tiny little of patience and you’ll see how things can change in a short period of time. The need will slow down and the passion will ease away too. Suddenly a laugh and different ideas pops in your head. Maybe even a better suggestion.

A craving is something that we learned to fight with years of experience, so can’t we fight our own thoughts of “now!!”.

Can’t we? I think we all can.

Just like a month ago a bough a quite neglected Bonsai tree, that I found at the lower shelve of the flower stand. I expected nothing, even had a thought that I’ve waisted my money on “some dying tree”. But, patience as I said, paid off. My Bonsai Tree heeled and just as I was about to say “simple tree” it bloomed! It Bloomed with a beautiful tiny petals. Surprised and happy as I was, I know, that with a strong and iron coated patience everything will pay off. And you, better than I know that too.

Keep up, because it’s all worth it! 


patience pays off

Have a nice Day!


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