Those words..

Those words that we never say. Always wait for the right time and moment to come. Something that was rehearsed and over repeated in our heads time and time again..
It’s time to let them go. Say it. Shout it. Write it down. There is no better time to come than today.
Another day will bring another hustle and today, today.. is the right day.

We should never miss out given chance, because regret of not taking it will follow longer than those few seconds or fear and relief.


If tomorrow never comes..

Procrastination the world we all know and once reach by our ears suddenly makes us sour and aware how lack of protection we have.

But is it really, another layer of protected shield that we are missing on here?

Something is always happening in our mind. Dreams, plans, ideas.. All possible, all real and all achievable, but suddenly we stop. Like an idea is easy to be modified and dreams are real to achieve even after 10 years of silence. STOP! That’s not how it’s suppose to be! Stop looking at others and saying to yourself “oh.. one day”. NO! Tomorrow will be the same routine again, and after tomorrow if will be even worse. I am not here to push you up to your limits, but.. if tomorrow never comes, how would you think people would describe you? As a dreamer, great plan makes and strategies? Well, that could be applied to all of us, but how out taking one thing at the time and finally making it real!

Yes, some ideas we come up with are not easy to achieve in one go, but.. a feeling and a believe, the first step you you take to that achievement is worth more than a quick heart shake. Knowing that it’s in process will give a drive and passion to carry on.

As long as you believe in yourself – DO IT. And don’t ask for other approval. It’s you and your own project of self fulfilment we are talking about.

Tomorrow is there to give you an extension, not for another chance.

So, what are you going to be up to TODAY?