Don’t blame the rain.

One of those “rainy” days: alarm didn’t ring on time, the train came late, coffee machine at work is broken.
When one thing goes wrong, everything just seem to fall apart around as well.
It might be something small that upset us, but we the emotions it has evolved to are way too strong and wide as a the end of the coast. Immense. Truly is. One mistake make a big shift.

Stop blaming others, or things that had no connection at all. Spur of the moment said words will have no chance to taken back.
Don’t blame the rain, it’s not that one good day.

A path of their age.

Roll of your eyes. Tapping fingers. Impatience. As old there is a saying

“you can’t teach old dog new tricks”

so don’t expect a newbie at work or fresher student to know shortcuts and simple ways of managing a whole continues process.
All new thing require learning and, a matter of fact, teaching too.
We never stop learning, there is no limit for that, but judgement to apply to others of their slips is way too big.
An old person have their own way of reaching the station to their destination with a long walk or maybe a slow stops on a route ahead. It is their feature and character trait.
A youngster would run, fall, stand up, look around and do it again next time the different way. That’s how it is. That’s how we are.
You live and you learn, but.. now and then allow others to keep their way, because that’s the way they know and can reach their goal. Stop confusion. It’s not a helping hand you will pass but a stick to a wheel. If it rolls, even with punches, let it roll. One day this will be a lesson learned.

Be. The. Only. One.

A title. Subtitle. A name or a surname. All those things before us. But no matter how many combinations you going to create, to each of us it will all match differently.
A mother. A brother. An auntie or just a colleague. None of these single words will show really who I am.
Look at me first. A girl. Shortsighted. Rides a scooter. Who is she?
Here we go – because once you want to know you’ll get to find out more than there is to show.
In love. Shortsighted. Passionate reader. Loves jogging. Scared of height.
Think. And don’t judge people. We are not just one word definition. We are all may more to be discovered.

To comment or to stay quiet.

A moment when you see something amazing and truly worth saying something (like a compliment) about, do we really allow ourselves to express this urge or just put out eye sight away, thinking it’s not wort it.
Kids stare and focus on what they really like, as this shows and approves interest and exploration. None of us are the same, as we are all united by one undeniable unity – we all humans, but we are all different.
Somehow, even after all those kinetic scientific and psychological discoveries and researches, adults temp to control and behave against their own natural feelings.
Loosen up a bit and smile for no reason or for a reason that others to you should know about. We inspire others and make them copy our expression.
Let the stranger see your happy face, compliment your colleague on her little achievement, that for you may seem like a silly everyday occasion. This builds a relationship as as well as let us learn. Learn for our own self and others.
Keeping positive attitude is on our own mind, but don’t even realise how simple it is to have this great feeling.
Simple things, a little change makes a big difference. Try and you’ll be surprised.

A tale, a tale.. a story tale.

We are more than familiar with the storyline of “once upon a time..” and it all lasted in our memories till this day. It made a sense and allowed us to create characters image with surrounding colourful place in our minds. It was the story for our life till we started created our own.


While defining the story, don’t limit it too the books, it could be something that you overheard on a bus ride, while you were quietly reading your daily newspaper. A girl-chat, while waiting at the hairdressers reception? There’s always a story. A story to be heard, to be told and repeated, to be learned from and to be loved. It’s something that makes you laugh, think and share or just let your creative juices running.

Words, collaborated in wonderful togetherness with emotions and faces, that become something unique and worth listening.

Well, we all have a story to be told, a moment to share, a picture to connect to.

Don’t deny those old dusted books on your shelves. There are there for a reason, otherwise they would have been thrown away. Those are tales, fictions and romances that you can hold on to and share it. Something that would have never made sense before.

Just like now, you heard something today, but tomorrow there will be a new story. Never stop them. Let it come. There’s a whole new story to told everyday and by each us. Treasure them.


Casual Inspiration

According to a dictionary inspiration [mass noun] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. And, what would be an inspiration for you?

A tap on a shoulder with shy and quiet “well done”, thumbs up? Or could be, that someones occasional behaviour, that encouraged you the most, at that dark moment in your life, that you are stuck and got stroked by a lightning of positiveness? Let’s face it – inspiration comes out of nothing and everything. no image required.001

We all have our own perspectives and idea with understanding of everyday life situations. Being thrilled doesn’t have to be a life changing decision, but that little twist and change that came up in you mind brings a long term effect in your aliveness.

Think, reflect and never outshine your own ability to simply inspire others. It’s not what you meant to show, sometimes, it’s what they wanted to see the biggest value.