Failure To Participate

Expectation. Isn’t that’s what drives us? We all have our own hopes and we drive to meet them by letting other know of that is desired, but where’s your own role in there?

Waking up in morning and ┬áseeing rain clouds building up in the sky suddenly brakes our mood and all, those carefully made plans, but what if.. What if you didn’t have to worry for a day and just enjoy the moment. What if someone was clever and co-ordinated enough to plan it all for you. All worries behind, all you have to do is enjoy and participate.

The question is not whether “what if..” someone is there to make it all for you, but are you going to be able and willing to join in and connect and involve in to action?

Comfort of pleasure and lack of action will not lead to a full enjoyment. As well as one person talking won’t make interesting conversation, as well as band playing in a concert will not make the music sound more superoir if you won’t participate in a course.


Don’t just have a step by step plan, hopes and dreams to hold on to. There are tother things to happend. And don’t rely on others ideas and intentions too. Participation is what’s needed and happening. So, keep it up!