Artist wanna be.

So many angry and jealous thoughts come trough peoples mind when they see new artist. Controversy, outrage and sympathy could come in one look with no further consideration. But what is it really that made that person to become an artist?

Why do we never consider a question before we jump to conclusion.

How many times at school you sat in a class and once heard a question, where you definitely knew the answer, where too late to be picked. Even if the answer provided by someone else was not so detailed as your one would have been, it was accepted and the one change to speak up was gone. Those moment come and go in out life and for some of us the time to speak up might never come.


Whilst choosing your future career we define our own ability to use our senses and knowledge, and be able to be fully express ourselves in most valuable way: o use our mind and authority, to show we are at your best.

Artist, no matter, by creating music, writing, singing or dancing, they are making art in order to be able to speak up and to be heard.┬áLet them raise their hand and be in touch with you. Even though it’s not what you would like to hear, but it’s what they wanted to say. This is their chance to be listened.