Don’t compare, please.

Many great speeches and talks came my way and one thing I’ve noticed (the most) – there is a individual, persons touch inspiration in all of them; from someone really close; they dedicate their words to or have been inspired by their personal experiences mind set.

We all are being inspired, and all from different places, but how do we end up comparing all those experiences?

My own inspiration comes from my grandfather. He was, and is my hero of all times: the person who finished only 3 grades in school, taught himself how to write and became a master of threat and needle. People knew him for his personal touch of making tailored ¬†clothes. He may not have been a best of a family man, but one thing he knew the best – you can’t compare yourself to others, because if you do – you will never complete against them.

You are your own path blacksmith, so don’t let others to destroy your dreams. As little as we are, and as big and unpredictable our dreams – we should not be let for demolition. So don’t compare yourself to other’s and let others to compare you. Keep yourself as you are. Consistency and self-belief.

Storgest and most passionate words leave our mind and are dedicated to the ones who we love the most. I miss you, Granddad, I wish your wisdom was closer than just in my youngish memories.